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Veronika decides to Die is psychological fiction written by novelist Paulo Coelho who is best known for his novel “The Alchemist”. This book shares a part of Coelho’s life experience, his opposition to following a traditional path and  living life as a hippie using drugs and traveling through South America, North Africa, Mexico, and Europe – which led to his parents committing him to various mental institutions from which he escaped three times before being released at the age of 20.

The novel in brief :

Given the World of goodness – a beautiful family, adorable parents, a desired job – Veronika , a young lady who is good looking and is as attractive as to possess multiple beaus, takes a decision to die, consuming four packs of sleeping pills. She feels brave when she does and she is under the sway of her own logics that she has escaped the only boring known life and the routine it has to offer.

She partly fails in her attempt to suicide . She wakes up in a mental asylum where she becomes downright vulnerable when she learns that her heart is irreversibly damaged due to over dose of sleeping pills and will apparently die in a week due to that. She suffers from frequent mild heart attacks and anxiety as an irreversible consequence. This makes her even more scared to wait for death and she seeks help from others to die immediately and not wanting to postpone anymore.

She kind of slowly lacks courage to face death and becomes faint heart to wait for death. Also eventually she develops a lust for life and ends up wanting to LIVE MORE and LIVE LONG. The feeling of Death awaiting invades Veronika deeply making her feel ridiculous about her attempt to die. She feels thirstful to live, feels coward,dumb,insane, gives pathetic excuses to herself and struggles to stand by her logic -her act of bravery to die.

In the mental asylum there are other people who are being treated for their own traumatic  psychological and mental ailments. Eduard- A hippie cum artist who suffers from schizophrenia, Mari-  a person who suffers from panic attack and Zedka who suffers from depression.

This is the story in short …Read to know what Veronica made out of her decided fate – the wait for death and the prolonged days in asylum and the end ..

The author basically found a need to depict the sanity in madness and abnormality in life. He unfolds the subject of madness concerning the wisdom, conquest of life at surface level through realistic conversations from the characters and parleys the thin line between genius and madness ,also the author expresses deeply about his own life experience as part of the story as mentioned earlier. This part of truth that is put on display by the author is really illuminating.

Read a book and see what it gives ! Happy Reading!

Book Title : Veronika decides to die

Author : Paulo Coelho

Genre : Psychological Fiction

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