Little Black Book for Stunning Success + Tools for Action Mastery by Robin Sharma – Book Review

The Book “The little black book for STUNNING SUCCESS + Tools for Action Mastery is a sure-fire formula for Self-confidence, positivity and personal transformation. Robin Sharma is a Canadian writer, he was a lawyer until the age of 25, while later he became a motivational speaker and author of many books on self-help genre – stress management, leadership and spirituality.
Nothing delays our progress than feeding our thoughts with our losses or limitations that leaves us behind and makes us feel depressed. Instead we ought to starve such ideas to death. The ideas that are counter-productive to our development needs to be erased from our thoughts. Everyone has a vision to change themselves from their powerless situations.
In your weak time, this Pocket book will help you fuel your dream with lots of hope and confidence.
There are beautiful techniques explained by the author.  Few of them were too good which I have cited below ;
• continuous small steps to improvement -1% wins,
• simplifying and focusing – Saying ‘no’ to pointless things,
• Ask for help,
• learn something new – constant learning”.
Following it can change your dimensions and your thinking to entirety after few months.
There is an idea among people that an achiever is incompatible with being compassionate, socially conscious and good. But, the author attributed Success to being significant plus happy plus socially considerate along with being an achiever. I’m sure this book will help you create a better version of yourself as it discusses and connects success to our daily habits, planning and action.
There are action items at the end of each chapter that can track your progress and master yourself in becoming a “World class individual (as he often quotes)”.
It’s a small pocket book with stunning clues for self-mastery. Read this book and follow the suggested techniques. It’s worth a shot. Happy Reading!
Book Title : Little Black Book for Stunning Success
Author : Robin S. Sharma
Genre : Self Help

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