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The book “STEVE JOBS -The man who thought different” is a biography of the founder of  “Apple. Inc”, –‘Steve Paul Jobs’ an American business man.

It was written by Karen Blumenthal. Karen being a long-term journalist writes more about social change, how it happens and why. She has written beautifully how Steve carved a niche for himself as an industrialist in the business world forming a giant technology company.

At the beginning of Tech era, The World around Steve would have never thought, a narcistic workaholic, tyrant capitalist who explored and exploited technology would one day make it ubiquitous in the World. The man who thought different was different himself .Technology mushroomed into the hands of billions of people through him and he reinvested his profits again in technology.

Despite the fact that he was an uncaring son/father ,a demanding business tycoon — it felt melliferous to read that he slept in mattress ,had his mansion less furnished and was a vegan who binges on fruits \veggies ,cherished Zen Buddhist ideologies who travelled to India and China in his 20s.

He was amazing at tweaking technologies pushed his designers through “over – simplification” process and elimination of tools and apps that he considered unnecessary which resulted in inventions like iPod, touch screens, iPhones, iPad and MacBooks.

It was also fascinating to know that he had hobbies like calligraphy, games, art and music that he incorporated on his developments like “iPod” with inbuilt songs and he formed “Pixar”–  a company for computer graphics equipment, now an hi-tech software animation company ( famous movie Finding Nemo – an anime created with Pixar’s). He used stylish fonts in his computers. He incorporated style even in packing and in his stores to sell his elegant product.

Jobs being tough himself as a person , from being an adopted kid , a college drop-out to being a dazzling salesman, visionary, genius and tech icon has had his rough life and was pushed out of his own company “Apple” which he cofounded with his friends after 10 years as he was supposedly alleged for not playing well with others. This setback made him learn lessons about his personal life and loss, yet the strong- willed Steve set out to make a successful CEO later on to the same company which pushed him out.

The people around him were so apprehensive about his return when “Apple was stumbling yet he turned Apple into a behemoth again. The best part of his return is that he did not want to make fortune out of his career but returned purely for his passion after all he was the first fan boy of “The Apple”. Yet he has never changed and always been intense and harsh as before and pushed people day-in and day out.

STEVE, the then Apple CEO (The apple’s apple) was bitten by the technology bug early in his teens turned into an arrogant millionaire in his twenties but sadly succumbed to cancer in his fifties.

A weirdo that he was also a koumpounophobic (aversion for buttons). This turns out to be one of the real reason for his turtle neck uniform and his affinity for touch screens. He eliminated needless keys and buttons to save time that includes his daily wear as well.  He was not well worn during his early ages and seems he would not take bath for days due to his obsession for Zen diet, however, this does not mean that he did not enjoy luxury. He never got philanthropic unlike other business men and never cared about being right or wrong. But, beyond these ugly facts, he did the right thing for human race, revolutionised technology with new approach each time and his victory was no fluke. He left a legacy of revolutionary sleek products that emerged human race into digital lifestyle.

My favourite quote of his

“ I want to put a ding in the Universe”

“Your time is limited”

Please leave your comments and your favourite quotes of this revolutionary iconoclast.

Read a book and see what it gives.

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Book Title : Steve Jobs – The man who thought different
Author : Karen Blumenthal
Genre: Biography, nonfiction, inspiration

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