The 360 ° Leader by John C. Maxwell – Book Review

“The 360 degree leader – Developing your influence from anywhere in the organisation” is a business, self-help book for the people who lead from the middle of the organisation, ranging from supervisors ,managers and seniors.

With rife of offhand advises , this book is a quick guide for those who feel they have been invisible and caught in the middle of the organisation.

John C. Maxwell is a leadership expert,speaker,coach,author and pastor.

The author recommends sagaciously that the individual who looks for growth should invite himself to leadership not awaiting for the opportunity to come to the door .The concept is to – lead-up, lead across, and lead down. Lead where you are!

He gives an accurate account of the leadership model to lead from the middle. The first part of the book discusses the “Myths and challenges” faced by the middle leaders. The third part of the book reviews “the principles and need to lead up”. The later sections about “the principles and need to lead across, lead down” and the last section about “the values of 360 degree leader”.

He promises that a paramount of influence could be created through leading at a 360 degree level which will work your way up in the career ladder.

There are good amount of great advices in this book that can help middle leaders for their daily living. I have listed the one that struck the right chord and that which gave the key inputs for me as below.

  1. “Be a friend”.  For me , “Be a friend” tops the list in the art of mentoring. A mentor cannot just talk skills, act smart and help you be social like “manage time” and stuff. If you are not a friend or a listener, the idea of mentoring at your end has been few and far between. This has been beautifully marshalled by the author in section “Lead across”.
  2. “Avoid office politics”. The author has cast a positive light by terming the difference between the word “Politician” and “Statesman”. He quotes “Instead of trying to be a “politician”, strive to be a “statesman”. A politician is dishonest and suggests the schemes and devices of a person who engages in politics for party ends or for one’s own advantage. A statesman suggests the eminent ability, foresight and unselfish patriotic devotion of a person dealing with affairs of state.
  3.  Communication links to all levels of organisation. Good communication is a 360 – degree proposition. Most of the time, the most critical communication is from the bottom up.

However, I don’t mean to be crass, but I don’t have the slightest idea how this book would help the present-day leaders who are mostly millennials and Gen x. All the principles and examples are dug from the religious, non-technical, military group of leaders or non-profit organisations which would make it difficult for the corporate leaders to grip the crux of the material.

All said, this book is value driven and has spread light and filled gaps in many areas for me. I liked it by all means. Happy reading.

Book Title : “The 360 degree leader – Developing your influence from anywhere in the organisation”

Author: John C. Maxwell

Genre: NON FICTION, Business, Self help, leadership, middle management

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