“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.”

Though we love to travel the World to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us.

At times it is so crazy to look at ourself perceiving us with a “Back in the old days” syndrome. Is n’t it?.

Always we have this idea that we have been happier, healthier, wealthier only in the good old days. Have you ever thought why we tend to forget about the bad events in our past and we have a tendency to rehearse and dwell on the good things that happened in the past, we retell them a lot more often, so we reinforce the good memories. We tend to remember the great songs or cars or football players from the ‘old days’ and forget all the bad ones.”

Why we only tend to think “Things aren’t what they used to be”. Things we don’t have. Things that we keep retelling like “ I don’t have. I don’t know. I don’t want. I don’t . I have nothing. I don’t have money. I don’t look good. I’m nothing” kind of stuffs.

“Biases”. “Yes, Because of psychological biases”, says scientists.

One of which is the Status quo bias, which asserts that whatever the situation is now, things in the future will get worse and things in past were too good.

Far from it, it is not that we have declined from what we used to be, but we have been thinking constantly that we have declined than the actual decline.

Be it biases or any syndrome, Great men, like Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Einstein have touched upon one particular theory through their assertions to deal these psychological biases. It is called the “LAW OF ATTRACTION” a universal law believed by many philosophers and theorists. THE BOOK “SECRET” talks on it.

Yes, The Law of attraction is the goodnews uncovered  by Rhonda Byrne an Australian television writer —it is the secret kept and exposed in her book “THE SECRET”.

So, basically it discloses that there is a thought philosophy a belief that through pure energy and through the process of ““like” energy attracting “like” energy “ a person can improve their own health, wealth, and personal relationships .

However, this theory is criticised by many researchers as pseudoscience which has been mainly debated by many meta physicists, motivational speakers and physicists as there is no scientific basis.

Thus ,this book “THE SECRET” is a pack of the universal law of attraction with various connotation attached to it. As much as the concept of this philosophical thought is being reiterated in this book again and again with a set of biographies of successful people including researchers of scientific and non scientific nature who announce themselves to be a witness of this positive thinking method.

It was good to read that an ill man getting cured of his terminal illness through his thinking and having a positive shift in his life but was bizarre when the same is explained to lure a girl or attract money.

I would suggest not to devour everything in this book and I personally felt you would love to hear it out than to read this as a high priced hard cover.


Read a book and see what it gives!

Book Title : THE SECRET

Author : Rhonda Byrne

Genre : Self Help, Non Fiction, Spirituality, Psychology.

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