The Book “IGNITED MINDS” is written by Dr. APJ Abdul kalam, a Space Scientist, former president of India, Teacher and a humanitarian. He was a overarching leader of our time with genuine love for India and desire to impact its people and society positively through his innovations, teaching. In him, I saw an abounding contributor. A very rare and precious gem . He is such a man as I honour.

This book has a song written by him at the end with a dream of abundance for his country for every citizen to relish and a vision to see the nation as a fully developed nation!

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. APJ Abdul kalam (Credit: Angel -Youtube artist -channel name – Easy Tries)

This book starts with his narration of a “Helicopter crash” incident in Ranchi in 2001 which gave him a miraculous chance to escape minutes before landing when he had gone to meet students in Bokaro. Cheerfully, that day after sustaining this shocking incident he has denied rescheduling and abstained doctor’s intervention and has impeccably continued to address the young minds and enrich them with wisdom and vision.

A good teacher knows how important it is to connect with students and understand their culture. There are beaucoup of questions asked by kids that are answered by him in this book . Best of all this one left a mark in me . A child asked “ What has given you happiness in your last forty years as a space scientist?

Kalam said “ I say I get happiness when heart patients carry KR coronary stent in their arteries and when the physically handicapped children fitted with the lightweight floor reaction Orthosis (FRO) callipers find their difficulties eased somewhat. Both of these came as spin-offs from missile technologies.

He has quoted his learnings from all the great religious leaders, writers and from the great epic “Mahabarata, Ramayana, and spiritual books like Quran , bible , also, scholars, such as CV raman, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Albert Einstein , about institutions, Universities , corporate industries. He also have chiselled out superb solutions for social concerns through the abundant resources and forces we have and to enable the value-additions to prosper economic growth . He also has look-wider concepts elucidated in a solid consensus way like tele-education, telemedicine and e-commerce and agriculture. A remarkable and memorable person of our time. This book is a Powerhouse of his vision towards society!

Read a book and see what it gives.

Book Title : Ignited Mind

Author : APJ Abdul Kalam

Genre : Non-Fiction, Culture, India and Inspirational

My favourite phrases :

“For great men, religion is a way of making friends; small people make religion a fighting tool.”

“A visionary don’t age”

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