The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People – Book Review

The Seven habits of highly effective people is a timeless read reflecting the logical steps of successful living. It gives a much deeper understanding of what shaped you into a person today ?

If you are looking for intellectually invigorating book to read, I would say this book will plat it out for you – a wonderful model for personal change that would help you to make a big deal out of career and life .

Wondering how he had enlisted evocatively that the habits we make , the efforts we repeatedly do day – in and day -out contributes to the greater part of effective living and peak well being .

The author attributes “the daily habitudes” to our personal mission and states that the habits lay as the groundwork to play in big leagues in life. In the backstage of mere ‘dreaming’ , there is conscious questioning of “How to achieve” running in your head before the solution surfaces.

Everyone are set to define and have their personal philosophy towards life. The principles and paradigms of each one are widely different. Thats the irony of it . Hence, the other side of the coin is where the answer lies and growth happens perpetually in understanding the other side and shifting our living as per the paradigms , if need be.

Also, the author has beautifully enlisted 7 effective habits of great value for success ( see picture representation ) which can change your outlook if followed consistently .Out of the Seven habits — Habit 4,5,7 are my favorites.

Habit five : “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”

Have you ever thought this could be followed into a ritual to a habit?. Listening from other’s point of view and reflect back it’s like giving them emotional oxygen. ” Habit 5″ in this book elaborates more about it. Also other habits “Think win-win” , “Sharpen the saw” are emotionally resonant.

This book very much acts as a catapult to go on and live your dreams. The author rightly says that ” Character is basically a composite of our habits.” When the mission and mindset are aligned along with dedication, ” the pie gets larger” and growth occurs.

For instance , Doing workout for one hour might be easy , but controlling what you put in your mouth for next 23 hours requires dedication ” .The author says that , ” we are not animals, we are not product of what has happened to us in the past. We have the power of choice “.

Truly, it’s an empowering book with beautiful endowments for life . It’s a joy to hold and leaves an everlasting impression in your mind . No wonder the author was a educator, great speaker and businessman who have taught great leaders on “principle centered leadership”. As it is this book have the endowments impassioned by the author , I suggest the readers to please have it glued to your mind and you’ll do greatly better! . It can be read more than once or can be kept as companion to re read over and over again .

About the author : Stephen Richards Covey was an American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. Read more :

Book Title : The Seven habits of highly effective people

Author : Stephen Richards Covey

Genre : Business , leadership, self help , motivation

Read a book and see what it gives !

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