365 ways to change your World ( by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale) – Book Review

“365 ways to change your World”, an office pick, a short simple book from self-help section specially for young readers. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale is the author of the book who was also a religious preacher and author of many self – help books. This book is all well about the essential aspects of positive thinking that determines the exciting, successful and ” Joyous ” living of life.

Our life is an expedition and when there are few interruptions, our perceptions towards life changes and falls nebulous according to the situation we are bound. We think at times that life is under the hands of our current circumstances.

Far from it! This book advices that Life is not entirely at the hands of environment, nor is it entirely at the hands of you. It takes you to develop your thoughts, mind and have powerful vibrations to raise above the obstacles and reach what you want.

A ” One page at a time” read, though. Yet,this book is filled with valuable advices.

Yeah! I felt it is too well-intentioned ,full of posies for you to have it in your pocket that has thoughts that can lift you up all the year yet makes it one dose at a time. Puts the best possible stimulus to develop ourselves and sends out a lot of short stories, encouraging thoughts and real inspiring situations as example.

Reading is happiness!

Read a book and see what it gives ..

Title : 365 ways to change your World

Author : Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Genre : Self – Help \ Motivation

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