Who moved my Cheese ? – Book Review

Who moved my cheese ?. A Fiction that edifies ” CHANGE ” in all the facets of our life, principally at Job. This book throw light on the difficult journey from “Change resistance to Change acceptance”. Ideally, it’s a business apologue with an influential message that , ” Change is the law of life”.

Apropos to what is needed to accept change is Understanding your fear , rather running away \ saddening or suppressing yourself from Change or resisting change. While it may be hard for a seed to turn into a plant, it would be much harder for it to turn into a Tree while remaining a seed.

Figuratively, the author has called ” The cheese” as what being considered as ” Prosperity “. He is profoundly known for the Value Tales series of Children’s books.

So the Story goes like this, Two mice and two little people are in search of CHEESE in a maze that has cheese stations around. They find a huge spot full of cheese which amuses them to pleasure and complacency. The two little people named ” Hem and Haw” ( phrase that literally means Procrastinate) decides to settle down in that spot, thinking that things are gonna last forever , (only to find that it is ‘Not as they thought’ later on).


One fine day, the Cheese is gone.

What did the mice do? .The mice have already picked up themselves advancing further looking for new cheese. The mice have sensed out Change ahead, gained awareness and acceptance, have adapted, changed course and moved with it. The mice have been simple ,quick to adapt and motivated by change .

What about the little people? While the little people have been indecisive and have not had the slightest idea of change and were left betwixt and between entirely. Finally , One among them is “Haw” who thinks smart and acts on when it became more difficult to suffer than to change... Read on to see how “Haw” dealt with Change and to see if he found what he searched for?

It’s a short read. Also, it is a supercharge to you with only hundred pages that can be spent on reading during your trips or journeys.

Book Title (India\ US): Who moved my cheese?

Author : Spencer Johnson

Genre : Business Fiction , Motivation

Read a book and see what it gives! Happy Reading !

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