Habit of the Month – Drinking Water

Happiness is a simple everyday miracle, like water, and we are not aware of it.

What’s more?

They say “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, we let ourselves choose a teeny-weeny habit and work on it. We used the one habit a month technique. One month at a time.

Here’s what we did. We, set of eight people started a habit on February 8th. We wanted to adopt the habit of water drinking.

It’s just reorienting your mindset to develop a healthy habit. It might be wee bit of a thing to do. But it’s that wee bit that makes all the difference. What was truly amazing is that, by the month end (March 8th) we reaped of better benefits as expected. Trust me, drinking water really is a secret sauce for better health.

At first it was little fuzzy, as there were few caffeine addicts in our bunch. Never the less, the summer too stood by us increasing our thirst pushing ourselves to mandate water drinking habit. (I will also try and add the benefits each person had in our group by cultivating this habit here in this post).

Here’s how we stepped out to soar through, with our focus on developing a health habit?

So, Get a new Water drinking app downloaded to your phone to achieve your targets if its an insurmountable task for you. With an amazing technology of smart phones, you would be able to track your consumption and set reminders as well.

Hydrate with Fruit:

Here are few fruits that contains 90% water in it.

·         Cucumber -96%

·         Water Melon-92%

·         Grape\Strawberries-91%

Add flavor:

·         Add Cumins to water ,store it in a pitcher.

·         Add ginger coins to try a eerie flavour.

·         Add lime juice or mint\basil or all, if you wanna try a new flavor.

·         Add a raw mango to water over night , drink it in the morning, is great relief from indigestion.

·         Ice creams! Anything more you want! Blessings on the person who invented ice creams is nt it?

Age-old belief yet innovative and health oriented belief:

·         Drink water from copper lota or cup. Copper has a sterilizing effect on water , it is an electrolyte that cleanses and purifies water

·         Drink water from mud pot or cup will keep you cool and a great relief from summer heat.

·         Drink water from ceramic mugs or glass mugs as well

On this WORLD WATER DAY, I guess I haven’t magnified anything here. There is no argument that we all need to drink water. Its undeniable fact. It’s also true that we need to figure out ways to preserve water as real as it gets. Demand for water is projected to rise fastest in developing countries. The answer is in nature. River and Rainwater are more than amenities, it’s a treasure. SAVE WATER for future.

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Water is the key to life, but in frozen form, it is a latent force. And when it vanishes, Earth becomes Mars.

Trust, you would think about new ways to stretch yourselves. And hell yeah! As long as you can imagine, your ability is on line. There’s a quote which says, “God has equipped you to handle difficult things. He has already planted the seeds of discipline and self-control inside you. You just have to water those seeds with His Word to make them grow.

Drinking water can improve your mood! Happy water drinking! It’s a habit of happiness!!!!!

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