If it comes; let it. If it goes; let it

Let Go and See what stays..Let’s not give up on us for the things that have come and gone.

Most of the time, Letting go or distancing yourself will help you see things more clearly than ever. Stop stressing on something.

Come what may, practice happy thinking every day.

It’s said that, 95% of your brain activities are done by your subconscious brain and only 5% are done by conscious mind.

When your subconscious brain feels fear, your conscious mind finds it difficult to fight it. But, how to make your subconscious adapt positivity at such time?.

Well, happily, this is possible. Your conscious brain can focus and use imagination as a tool to work with subconscious brain. Only Focus and the visualisation tames your conscious mind to inspire at deeper level at subconscious level. In order to change, you will consciously need to change focus and think what could go right in every situation.

So, the next time you are curious about a given situation, tame your conscious brain to visualise it POSITIVELY. Make a conscious effort and decision to surround yourself with uplifting people. Stay happy conscious!! Cheers to happy conscious living!!

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I’m Cathy. Blogger. Happy,positive and highly self motivated. Love paintings and arts of my mom. Trust deeply in God. Believes in love. Likes the quote “Amor Vincit Omnia” meaning “Love conquers all”. "Love is here to stay"

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