Once the hand is laid on plough, there’s no holding back or looking back..

And looking back;behind him;for the ploughman ought to look before him, on his plough, and the ground he is ploughing, or he is not fit to be a ploughman;nor will he make proper furrows,or do his work well.

Hi blogging friends, Today’s post to reflect on : Stay happy, DO NOT attract Regrets.What it means to be so?. Regrets! Right Regrets end up identifying the right landmark you were searching for. While wrong Regrets are just stupid after a given point of time.

Philosophising Regrets aren’t that bad but also not as good as it’s thought out. Things would seem to move more slowly when you Regret too much or get too scared.

In fact, Time is objective. Time would never understand your Regrets. It just moves on.

Have you ever watched a movie with an out of sync audio, where the audio is one or two seconds slow?. It would have apparently looked like a badly dubbed movie? Isn’t it?

Likewise playing your Regrets in your mind after some time will kill the Time and mind synchronisation. It seems all animals except humans are at perfect sync with time,animals live life a day at a time, only humans have philosophised time into past, present and future in their mind.

People who engage themselves , who sets their heart on purpose and spends their time plus effort on it , have stayed grounded in the anticipation of seeing a larger picture and a beautiful success.

What’s beautiful success?

It’s the best time spent on creating — The legacy that you want to leave behind, between the cause(The start) and the effect (The Result) we wanted to see.

See things as they are. Create at least minimum of your plans and desires in a day, Be on it! . And find no regrets.Stay happy conscious!

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I’m Cathy. Blogger. Happy,positive and highly self motivated. Love paintings and arts of my mom. Trust deeply in God. Believes in love. Likes the quote “Amor Vincit Omnia” meaning “Love conquers all”. "Love is here to stay"

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