A bunch of happy Idiots beats with one heart!

Before choosing a Hive, Honey-Bees usually use their smartness and complex intelligence in making a group decision. They make mass decisions based on a democratic dance-off. It’s called “Honeybee democracy”.

As Thomas Dyer Seeley describes it, when a hive becomes overpopulated, around two-thirds of the bees will leave the nest with an old queen. A honeybee colony usually consists of one queen bee and a few thousand drone bees(males), a large population of female scout bees.

A scout adjusts how long she dances according to the goodness of the site. She has a built-in ability to judge site quality, and she is honest; if the site is mediocre she won’t advertise it strongly.” This in turn calls forth the bees to go investigate the sites for themselves. And the new home is chosen once the majority agrees that it is worthy.

This means that the bees operate as a sort of collective super-brain. Each bee contributes enough information to help the group make the best decision as a whole.

As Seeley puts it, “Consistencies like these suggest that there are general principles of organization for building groups\ long term leadership far smarter than the smartest individuals in them.”

Since every bee has the same common interest, they make the best decisions with different members and an impartial leader.

In other words, Consistency is what matters most in working as a group of individuals. Action that is very consistent will produce continuous results. What we do once in a while is just next to nothing. What we do consistently as a team with a common goal at heart is what sustains.

Big parties\ treaties\communities\societies drops out of sight due to lack of consistency and team spirit. It’s also imperative that “The individual morale” and interest towards the common goal plays a vital part.

Do you know that, Organisations from abroad judge people\ society of a particular country by their traffic discipline and sanitation facilities. We are not looked as individuals here, but as a society on the whole and are brought into judgement.

The value of a society or it’s people will reflect in the reasonably just law and the individual’s behaviour.

Only In hell, there will be nothing but law, and due process to accurately observe it as per each individual’s malice. The better the society, the less law there will be.

Look at how the honey-bee rules fairly. Nature has its beautiful law with a great ground of hope, integrity and fairness. It’s from ‘em we received the whole works. Could it be an impartial one ?Has it been partial to us?

An individual who contributes to the group becomes a collective super-brain and achieves the impossible at ease, dances -off happily and hyperbolically as a bunch.

Lesson here is, “ If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together

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