Tweak your day-to-day schedule for 30 days with these enthusiastic brainstorms to see positive results 

Hi everyone, It’s been a while I had written a post for my blog and today would like to give you tips for setting a 30 day challenge based on my personal experience that would help you feel alive and energetic provided you will have to stay consistent. 

So, Here are few positive goal ideas for 30 days to tweak your day in and day out routines, and eventually will make a difference in your brain, mind, body altogether. Let me know your inputs and how do you like the post in the “Comments” section. (Have to admit the fact it may sound an introvert version for some of you..)

1. Wake up Vs Stay Awake ! Which word sounds positive? The Word Wake up sounds more productive is n’t it? Be a morning person. Transform into a early bird than a night owl and wish someone great day to harness energy. Watch sunrise ! Trust me ! It’s the best and you will see and feel enormous in the golden ball.

2.Choose to Act rather than put off! Procrastination makes things difficult, however easy it may be!

3. Say no to cussing! Cussing or Using fowl language depletes your integrity and dignity. Stay away from it. A good rule of thumb, if you are not sure if a word is an expletive , look it up in a dictionary.

4. Visit three places in a day! Let it be a crowded place or calm place around nature! As you like it!

5. Learn a new word everyday! Build fascination for words.

6. Think 15 minutes ahead on everything. Predict chaos! Be quick but not in a hurry!

7. Think before you spend! Money management is essential.

8. Think before you litter your environment or waste natural resources (Water saving habit or planting or protecting trees).

9. Declutter! Clean environment will give you clear mindset!

10. Change your focus just from one “ Obsession”. It can be anything! Media\technology detox for 30 days.

11. Be mindful of what you read, listen or associate with. All these affects your thoughts on a daily basis.

12. Start reading 15 pages in a day!. Read four books in a month.

13. Learn to use a camera. Take 1000 test pictures.

14. Posichoice! Choose positive words and avoid pessimistic words in your language.

15. Simplify a routine chore!

16. Blisscipline! Make it a discipline to pursue your bliss. Take 1 hour escape avenue for yourself from your busy schedule. Be risibly available “only“ for yourself.

17. Start 30 days Give-away chain and Give for the needy.

18. Start a powerful habit! Increase your willpower. Embrace the unknown! Be open minded and balanced! Example: Judge less without knowing the other side of the story.

19. Start eating healthy! Try a Do it yourself recipe , Avoid caffeine. If you are fond of regular smoking or boozing. Cut it down for 30 days!

20. Stop validating your problems. Decisions. Comparisons. Criticisms. Seeking approvals or attention. Minds are like parachutes, they function better when they are open. Thrive! Grow!

21. Do nothing for 10 minutes!. Just watch your breathing or your thoughts for 10 minutes everyday!

22. Think about three positive things over one negative. Round the clock Positivism always please!

23. Nourish someone. Compliment! Encourage!

24. Have a work out schedule and lose weight! Track it!

25. Replace a habit! Change that one thing you find silly. Push yourself and set a bench mark to break the barrier. Replace it with another habit or reward. 

26. Try something new. Introduce yourself to a new hobby or do something creative.

27. Get 1000 followers for your blog. Plan it out well.

28. Talk to a stranger every day. Probably someone whom you would never approach to talk to. It would be weirdest thing to do for 30 days but there is good in it.

29. Think about one thing you have been taking for granted. Appreciate! Validate! Life is short ! Live to love and appreciate!

30. Smile often! Write your own set of 30 ideas to work it out in next 30 days. Try best to stay happy and Wake Joy!


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I’m Cathy. Blogger. Happy,positive and highly self motivated. Love paintings and arts of my mom. Trust deeply in God. Believes in love. Likes the quote “Amor Vincit Omnia” meaning “Love conquers all”. "Love is here to stay"

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