iFarm! Take up arms! – A Short post on farming and farmers

Save Farming

This post is dedicated to all farmers who do the supreme craft called “farming” for the love of it.

Farm and farming in itself spells “arm” in it.

Can you imagine a world without corn, crops, cattle and the rational being “the farmer” that operates it.

Potentially, farmers are precious beings devotedly pursuing a selfless job and Farming as a field of work is a chief entity for its own predominance, hard work and value.

To define “arm” in the farm figuratively, we can just settle to say that the farmers are allowing us to make endless withdrawals than deposits from their selfless lending arms, which soon could end up running a balance in negative.

It is going to cost an arm and a leg someday for us and the day is not too far.

We are ruthlessly bifurcating food Vs nature through our pollutive lens. Honestly, I wouldn’t last a day without nature and it’s energy and would n’t want it to be fabricated and preserved in plastics.

I just mean, growing food isn’t only science, it is a craft and an art that needs exceptional skill and hard work.

That being said, art always is conflicted and underrated compared to technology. It is for this reason farming is also bizarrely shrugged off from being part of the thing called “The real survival need”. However, it is high time we realise our stance of “Need Vs Want” in economy for our own sake and the fact that, Agriculture feeds the World.

I would like to put forward a set of questions to myself and the individuals who have the idea to support or devise natural farming as a cult to try as a way of life in this living thing called “Earth”. Yes, Earth is not just a platform, it is a living being.

So, we ought to preserve any art that boosts the wellbeing of Earth.

And for god sake, “Farming” does.

It is much more matter to us now than ever, as it’s health is failing.

Put it in a better way, Earth’s health is our health. If it loses its important vitamins, ideally it is we who are on the losing side.


Well, coming back to the questions that I wanted you to rethink about.. here you are..


  1. Apparently, about 60% of our population depends on farming in our country. How many farmers are we raising for our future Versus How many farmers we are letting die?
  2. Do we mindlessly agree with the facts such as ground level ozone concentrations and global warming are leading contributors that affect farming? If yes, what best can be done to remain less or zero pollutive?
  3. Conspicuously, Farming is highly stressful job and involves lots of hard field work more than a lucrative day shift job. Treating sick cattle, operating a tractor\fixing machines, keeping up on schedules for harvesting, weeding, milking and working on tough climatic conditions etc… The farmers are quitting and switching jobs due to this.

         Drop outs in Farming Versus Decrease in        agriculture\food production, how are we gonna handle this?

  1. Natural organic farming is less insipid than scientific farming. It is less pollutive, more nutritious than the scientific farming which uses artificial fertilisers. How are we to narrow down the yield and food security gap between these two approaches?
  2. Last but not least, why should farming be less literate, less paid and less dignified job always?


Well, it is up to us to understand what you want Versus what you need. Thanks for reading my blog and my set of questions and THUMBS UP!! if you have decided to act on it. Feel free to input your comments.

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