Solitude ….An escapism or invisibility ?? 

​Thus let me live, unseen, unknown; 

 Thus unlamented let me die; 

Steal from the world, and not a stone 

                            Tell where I lie.




To live a life unnoticed and unadorned is a lifestyle chosen by many. Now the question is do we need it?. Let’s  have a look on it.

In today’s life, we live in an oven (either baked or pressure cooked) . There is hardly any time to look on our past or dream about our future. Education, career, wealth ,fame and power engulf us into a motor life.Even through all this, there is always something missing, a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction and unease. Having things, and being something became more of a focal point than a self progress. Bless people who find contentment in health and innocence in their life . In my perspective we do need to look upon ourselves or in modern term we call it as a personal space .

Is personal space a necessary prerequisite for a happy life ?

For me it’s a big YES!!. I need a get away from my busy life to introspect about myself. A day off from board dinner and a whole lot of monotonous routines. Earlier, the concept of meditation sprouted which now has a firm hold in the community. It is one of the most prominent and imminent channel to experience the eloquence of introspection .

Step away from turbulence………. engulf peace and tranquility. This can be achieved through solitude!. The point to be stressed here is that , solitude is more of self realization than isolation . It’s not about plunging into the fathomless depression or loneliness but more about self awareness . Loneliness is marked as a negative trait which depletes  the energy level but solitude boosts and increases our emotional stability and energy and color our life with creativity. It’s hands down to choice . Solitude can be looked upon as a state of being alone and giving in for personalized company to ourselves. It can be long silent walk through the lush green meadows..listening to your favorite song. Dancing, Painting or even scuba diving!!! Anything which makes you realize your own self.
At some point in life, all need intervals of solitude. Time and space differs from individuals. But one thing is common ..solitude gives some time for self exploration , boosting us for adaptability to changes and challenges we face in our lives thereby acting as a triggering point of abolition of monotonous  livelihood. It’s time for some exploration ! take a shovel and dig deep ..u may find diamonds !!! .Peace!!!.

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