Birding is happiness – For Nature lovers 

Going birding is happiness. Fellowship with birds and earthlings is bliss.

It’s rightly said that, we can never express or reveal the elegance of Nature and it’s energy nor can conceal it.

Nature is a recipe for peace and happiness. Truly, it’s what you feel like,a  blend of love, peace and happiness or like a triathlon accomplished. It’s according to your sense of euphoria. But, at the end, it certainly leaves you with the state of tranquillity.Happiness guaranteed. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flow into trees.

Here you go!!

All the pictures are shot around my home while watching birds. It’s My halcyon time amid heaven and (on) earth.

A kingfisher does not have natural colours. The colours we see is the result of enchanted physics. Their feathers are fully brown, once removed totally from sun. Yes, the sunlight and pigmentation makes it apparent in bright blue turquoise colours.

A Golden Oriole. A beautiful yellow fellow. It has a song to sing always. A treat to watch and lovely to hear. This beautiful bird has black stripe around the eyes. 

A “S” necked “Egret”, snowy white bird that stands still for a long time in the lawns and sit in the trees ..its Oh-so pleasure to watch them nearby.

A House sparrow , the population of these little buddies are rapidly decreasing due to cellphone tower radiations.

Spare these little guys from your AC machine heat and spare some grains, mustards and water in summer for these tiny little ones.

A Dove, symbol of LOVE and PEACE..

Indian Sunbird:

Always roams in a small family group, eats honey from drumstick tree..

Its a small bird smaller than sparrow, conceals from sight often and becomes invisible to spot..(It looks bigger cos of larger camera pixel)

One more living being decreasing in population cos of our destructive in-habitat.




Well, Right you are!! The parrots!! Noisy sweet bird!! #Myphotography

The Indian Treepie:

The Magpie: cute little black bird with white belly!

Spending time in Nature is healing energy.  TO BE CONTINUED.. MORE TO COME. JUST WAITING TO CLICK. 😉

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