Life is easy when you learn to conquer yourself

Life is easy when you learn to conquer yourself 

From my perspective, this statement seem to self-evidently enforce positivity in me for the day. But, just think about whether this statement is true in your situation and analyse what works for you. Having said that, you can only succeed if you try.

For instance, let’s say a person is given a task, a commitment to do. The task is difficult, vague and involves problem solving. He starts facing challenging situations on that commitment and eventually gets distracted and disengaged to it. At one point, He does not have interest for the success of what he is doing and feels like giving it up. He tells people that the task is hard, boring and he doesn’t want to continue. He was very enthusiastic in the beginning for few weeks as usual and took the initiative to work on the task as much as possible. However, everything proved futile. He only knows too well that he has been enthusiastically imitating others to feel himself involved. However, He did not put thought or feeling into the ideas. But eventually his attitude towards task changed and was sorely lacking something.  

What does it mean here?

So, this is what it means in his context, He is doing the task, but just going through emotions and not giving his best. In short, He lacks conviction. The conviction to see him succeed in the task, the conviction of things not seen at present.

Around my home, there are few water tunnels and lakes that carries water to the farming fields and coconut groves, which in turn attracts lots of beautiful birds. Out of which, I occasionally spot a brown colour kingfisher with turquoise blue feathers near the garden lawns one hour before or after sunrise in the morning. It chooses the same spot and is very silent special bird. I love to do bird-watching, since childhood and these days I also take pictures of them when I find time. I have captured him\her for you. (refer image).

Here are few peculiar characteristics specified about this bird :

It’s an expert fisher man that fishes about 15-20 fishes a day. They have excellent vision and specialises fishing skills very early as fledglings within 12 weeks from birth. They are kicked out of nest after 12 weeks. I mean that’s the specified time given to them by nature for learning the skill. Most of the off springs get waterlogged or drowned in the process of learning to fish.  The young fledglings are monogamous, territorial and independent after leaving their parent’s nest. It does not sing rather has a competing attitude, gives a distinctive fight call (a shrill whistle) for the other bird that tries to enter its empire.

As for me, I see this bird as a bird of conviction which does not have a single distraction towards its goal, looking forward for the day with direction, focus and confidence.

Living with conviction involves passion, vision and being aware that every single day in accordance to that, even the hours and moments are precious.

Your view or image about your life is critically important for you to succeed in it. It helps you to persuade through all the enduring situations and make a progress. We always take the easy route only to realise later that we are not making any progress. But, there is no short cut to accomplishments. There is no two ways about it.

No skill is acquired without constant effort. The art of mastering a skill involves the right attitude.  It involves tuning yourself toward the commitment with dedication, determined spirit and hard work.

A kingfisher learns fishing by itself not from its predecessors. If they encountered the situation with self-defeating attitude, they will drown themselves into the river, but those with mastering attitude conquer themselves at first hand and eventually conquers the whole territory. The crucial phases will ease along and problem solving will be as easy as ABC. The bottom line is attitude and conviction. You should be inherited with the spirit of thinking big and beyond just like a king fisher.

Have direction and hope! Have passion and love! Look forward! Stay Happy!






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