Easy Hacks to De-Stress yourself at Home.

Here are few hacks to de-stress yourself. If you are stressed out now, trying one of them can make a big difference for the next few hours. We may not have realized the benefits of these actions in our day to day life.

A word of warning: These are just initiatives to overcome stress,do not form a habit out of it or be lost into it forgetting your priorities and most importantly don’t compel yourself doing it.


Green.God sends this color through sun to leaves

Green.God send this color through sun to leaves

  1. Read! It is a big stress reliever. I find reading as a short trek to different world, especially, when the content is insightful, mysterious or poetic.
  2. Look at these Colours! Colours like Blue, Green, Yellow,White are great stress relievers. I have attached images for each color. Just have look at it for five minutes and Relaxx!! 😉
  3. Write! It is not just a stress reliever, but also taps your inner potential and a sense of satisfaction. Even, if you don’t take it serious, You become a poet or an author , is nt it?
  4. Dive into Music! Create a playlist of music that relaxes and inspires you. It automatically turns you to positive mode.

    Sun Shine Yellow! Why do we like yellow smiley? Any idea? ;)

    Sun Shine Yellow! Why do we like yellow smiley? Any idea? 😉

  5. Watch a Movie! watch feel-good & light-hearted movies to relax or watch interesting \thrilling movies to entirely divert your mind.


    cuddle with a pet!

  6. Play with Pets! Playing with pet animals elevates levels of serotonin and dopamine (brain releases it naturally), you will feel good.
  7. Do the Grounding technique! Touch grass.Touching or walking barefoot on grass will help relaxation , will calm you down and energize you. The grass ground gives you natural electrical energy. Earthing is a proven concept for healing as well.
  8. Talk to plants or Rub your hands on plants! Plants are soul soothing beings. It quiets your mind.

    Touch Grass

    Touch Grass

  9. Hug a tree! Sounds funny huh? We should never forget our ancestral roots and from where we evolved. It is said that tree climbers feel refreshed, thrilled when they reach top of the tree. Just hug it and feel it. You will feel refreshed. You will naturally smile when you hug it.



Hug a Tree

Do you know, St. Francis of Assisi used to hug trees, talk to plants , birds?. He spent most of his time in life with Nature. As did St.John the Baptist.


  1. Take a short stroll outdoor! Have a blank mind and walk till the end of your street looking at the shops, passers-by. Just do a foot patrol!
  2. Get some tan! If you see sunny outside. Get out and stand for 10 minutes.
  3. Peep out of the window! Just look out of your window to watch vehicles passing by or children playing or trees shaking.
  4. Draw\Paint! I get utterly lost or possessed when I find time to do a doodle art or draw in my mobile. Try it, if you are interested or any new hobby. Get crazily creative and crafty. You are a creator.
  5. Get a head or body massage or give yourself a scalp\facial massage as an immediate home remedy!


    Blue! Facebook, Instagram,Twitter is all Blue. Blue color of recreation

  6. Do the opposite! If your current task makes you stressed, just do a totally irrelevant task for next 10 minutes and get back to the previous task. Trust me! It works! But just set a timer or make sure you get back to the task after 10 minutes.
  7. Unplug yourself from office! Take a break. Doing it will not make you irresponsible instead will be productivity power up. It can charge you up, helps relaxation. If you have high priorities at office, check if you can escape at least for few hours and compensate the hours later.
  8. Talk to a kid! Listen to their babbles and laughs. Usually when a baby talk they tend to make you turn to them and they have a captivated audience.
  9. Hug your dear one! Get up and Play a funny prank with your dear one and Hug them.
  10. Have a good laugh! Laughter is the best medicine in the world. Watch or hear something funny. Read more about laughter here: What does laughter do to your body?
  11. Take a warm shower! It helps you get sleep, makes you feel hungry and naturally sleep reduces tension.
  12. Have Ice cream\coffee! If you are a ice cream or coffee lover, how cool is it to have one now?
  13. Dance! Dancing builds confidence and thereby energizes you.

    White wash your mind!

    White wash your mind!

  14. Call the tune! If you are good at playing a music instrument, You will get smarter when you do and practice more. Brain gets smarter when you play an instrument.
  15. Sing out loud! Sing your favourite tracks with karoke. It will have a positive effect in you.It keeps you healthy. Its good for heart.
  16. Workout! Do it! You sure know the benefit of a workout. Do it as a five to 10 minute ritual to relieve stress.
  17. Play video game or solve a puzzle.
  18. Have a banana! I’m not joking. It boosts your serotonin.
  19. Cry! Even after trying all the above if you feel stressed. Cry your heart out ! Crying it alone is fine as long as you don’t expend this technique for a long time, as you might turn that into a habit. Don’t do it for a long time without any relief. Cry it out only to release tension. Crying it out to your dear one is better. If you wanna cry alone, Just imagine that God is sitting at the opposite, listening to you, consoling you and is gonna take care of it for you. You will really feel fresh after crying. Again,don’t sob long! Just do it to release your mind from pressure and don’t forget to remind yourself that you are going to be alright! Auto suggestions are very important in this technique.
  20. Sleep! Take a short and good nap for 20 to 60 minutes. It’s sooo powerful!

And the last one , The POWER tip:

  1. Pray! Most powerful weapon to kill stress. Meditation and Prayer can defeat any pain. I believe in the word that “Prayer can move mountains”.

I will add up more hacks as and when I get to discover!!

THE” happy moment never exists, it’d either passed or it is yet to come. Make every moment count! Make merry every moment and make it always “A happy moment”.  Stay Happy! Wake Joy!!

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I’m Cathy. Blogger. Happy,positive and highly self motivated. Love paintings and arts of my mom. Trust deeply in God. Believes in love. Likes the quote “Amor Vincit Omnia” meaning “Love conquers all”. "Love is here to stay"


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