Adaptability: One of the hallmarks of Happiness! – Part I


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Adaptability has got NOTHING to do with copying others. In fact, as far as I’m concerned 80% of adaptability involves Resistance and 20% involves learning and being flexible to fully understand the analogy, be it analogy of situation, culture, system etc. Adaptability is also closely associated with resilience. Let me try to give you my opinion about adaptability and about the blend between Resilience, analogizing and importantly resistance in this post.

So, “Adaptability=Resilience: Analogizing: Resistance” . This is not my definition for adaptability, it’s just my point of view, and it is subjected to change or get adapted ;).

I would like to split this post into two to cut short length .

Also I would like you to think about the below set of questions that I have put forth here, imagine them to be rhetorical questions as even I don’t have the answer to them:

How are we are going to adapt to the warming world?

Here is a famous quote “Adapt or Perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative. – HG Wells.

Do you know the most flexible things in the World now are Internet, stock market and the Biological life. We know that all the three remain muddled up till date. That is why they are flexible. They do not have code of beliefs like religions. Whatever remains old and organised is perishing now. These things especially when I say biological life is as well adapting the changes according to the changes in the planet.

I was reading about weird evolution facts, last week. It is said that fishes of particular type are evolving and splitting themselves into two different species in the same water within 150 years. One hundred fifty years are something which was considered impossible in evolutionary terms.

Another example, “Water Bears or Tardigrades” are microscopic animals that can survive the toughest conditions,which include temperature close to absolute zero, ionizing radiation hundreds of times higher than the lethal dose for a human, and the vaccum of outer space. Read more about this animal and check how ugly it looks in this link! :$
As we humans, we change only when we have to or when we want to and we are going extremely insensitive and intellectually declined about things like climate change, yet eventually, if we do not persist and optimize best practices for us and future, we too will have to take the changes just like how the planet and animals are taking it up, and there is a impending menace and greater risk involved in these changes because of our refusal to do anything about the climate changes.


How Resilience fit into Adaptability?
When you resist too much of a situation, it grows bigger than you to scare you. You grow anxious and feel pressured. For instance, when there are overwhelming changes taking place in your office, you tend to feel anxious and of having lost direction. In such cases, you resist yourselves to adapt to the situation and end up in chaos. Instead, if you feel a upcoming menace, the first thing you will have to do is to be open-minded, observe, look for opportunities, correspond your fears with your own suggestions, analyze other’s advice and thoroughly analyze the impact before hand, face it and move on. You are choosing to adapt to the situation here which proves your efficiency and perseverance in a given situation.
Going through the situation will get you out of the situation soon.
Resist it. You will be stuck forever.

One of the sources of resilience is the ability to measure and perceive early warning signs so as to adapt.

What is the hallmark of understanding and knowledge?
Each experience gives you understanding and knowledge. Agree? . Each change is an experience. Every change either breaks you or bends you. What is broken cannot fit into development. But every bend will still show you the way ahead. It’s flexibility that sustains growth and obtains success in certain situations. There is a thin line between flexibility and adaptability. Being flexible is slightly different from being adaptable, while adaptability as a choice tests your fortitude, yet flexibility is all about progress.

Flexibility Vs Adaptability:
1. Flexibility is responding instead of reacting to a situation.
Adaptability is to devise a plan instead of reacting to a situation for your existence. If plan-A does not work, there is always a plan-B.

2. It calls for flexibility to agree and accept with the changes around you.
It calls for adaptability to fit into the change after a long resistance. Generally, adaptability starts when you are tired of being flexible. From here, starts the learning!!

3. Flexibility helps you carry on without any decline. It helps in growth.
Adaptability helps you to live. It is for survival.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. –Charles Darwin.

To be continued in my next post…

In the next post, we will dig down more about adaptability in our personal lives which can bring positive and brighter results in us. Stay Happy! Wake Joy!

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