Diary of a Sparrow – Make Earth a better place to live!

Day 1:

Just Laid – It feels like I’m resting on a yolk food store.

Day 12:

It’s safe and warm in this hard shell and at last I’m beginning to feel like bird.

Day 20:

I’ve been growing fast and things are getting cramped in here – I’m planning to break out, but I can’t find the door.

Day 21 morning:

In desperation, I have begun to bash my way out with a toothy bit on my beak – I can see the light at last.

imageDay 21 afternoon:

I’m free! My feathers have dried out, I’ve found my legs and I’m running around. I’m starting to feel a bit peckish,so will start looking for food.

Day 30:

Mama’s been lovely. She takes care of my diet so well. She is very particular about what I eat. She regurgitates me and my fellow nestlings day in and day out.

Day 48:

It looks like I can eat, drink and bath, hop all by myself. My wings are growing. I can fly now. Yippie.

Day 150:

Yayy! I’m fully grown. It’s time to set my journey. Travel the World and Enjoy.

Day 151:

Wow! What a pleasure it is to take a “Dust Bath”

Day 152:

There is a Two-legged creature out in this world which lives in long rectangular and symmetrical shaped eggs(buildings). Except for few, most of them are concrete eggs (buildings). But, somehow they’d managed to get in and get out of it to look for stuffs.

Somehow, I’d managed to find an open space concrete egg with nearby natural resources .They call themselves “Humans”. And they call me “Sparrow”.

Somehow, I feel closely associated towards them. So, to socialize, I built my nest in one of their long rectangular egg. Somehow, I don’t like deserts, woods and extreme temperatures. It’s kind of sick! I like humans.

Day 155:

It’s funny as well fascinating to see my picture tattooed  on few of two-legged creatures. They inform that I symbolize freedom, loyalty and I represent Love because I have only one mate in my entire life. I’m humbled. I love humans.


Day 160: I had a bad day. I feel really weak especially when I fly towards that sick tall towers. I had three feathers chipped off today due to it. Don’t know, what the hell they are emitting.. Arrgh!! It hurts!!

Day 165: Another disappointing day. All the concrete eggs(buildings) and farm lands discharges poisonous chemicals. I was not expecting this from the humans. I cried, twittered, called out human friends a hell a lot of times not to install tall towers, use those fluids that are burning my wings, mouth and my fellow friends.

Day 175: I’m down with health issues. I was not keeping well for 10 days together coz of these poisonous foods. It drives me crazy.

Day 180: Can’t take it anymore. I will soon die, if I stay here. It’s over. I’m breaking up with humans. Good Bye humans!

Short Good Bye Note from your Sparrow friend:

Dear Humans,

As sparrows, we have only been proving out our friendship and dearness towards you humans. We only think of being a tangible value towards you, so that we can live together.

  1. We protect your farms.
  2. We protect your drinking water from erosion.
  3. We slow down the spread of diseases.
  4. We help in supplying timber and wood to build your concrete eggs.

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But, You never felt the importance of us. You humans are not ready to help us survive and never realize our love and our desire to stay around you with harmony. The stuffs you utilize are slowly killing us , Trust me, if it is not good for us, it can do no good for you too. You too are killing yourself slowly.


  1. The Mosquito repellents
  2. The Insecticides. ( Could not find insects or worms for our babies and for us)
  3. The Air-conditioning, concrete architectures ( No place for us to build our nests)
  4. The Gas pollutants that makes us tough to breathe.
  5. The Noise pollutants that freaks us out and make us tremble.
  6. And finally the worst ever thing, the tall tower radiation that chips our feathers down, ( Electro Magnetic radiation from mobile phone towers)

It is not working friends!! :(:(:(

God said “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. – Bible

It is promised by God that, “We sparrows will not fall and be vanished in the eyes of God”. So, we are just choosing to stay away from you in a no harm area. Better be safe than sorry,  isn’t it? Bye. Take care!
With Love,


Don’t you feel, sparrows are disappearing these days? Don’t you miss them?. Their chirp! Their hop! 🙁

Make Earth a better place to live! Wake Joy!!


(Here’s a short video from my mom:It’s captivating!! Watch it!

The cute naughty birds  play pranks with each other,

shoves off grain box makes it hard for the other to eat, 😀

twitters,drinks and chats…Enjoy their friendship!!)


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I’m Cathy. Blogger. Happy,positive and highly self motivated. Love paintings and arts of my mom. Trust deeply in God. Believes in love. Likes the quote “Amor Vincit Omnia” meaning “Love conquers all”. "Love is here to stay"

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