25 Easy Hacks to be energy efficient sitting at the computer.

Do you know, Internet emits over 830 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year and it is expected to double by end of 2020. Google produces around 260 tonnes of carbon dioxide per month which is enough to run a freezer for the next 5400 years. Emails generate 13.6 tonnes of Co2 which is about 13 round trips from Paris to New York.

Here are the quick easy hacks which you can do with little or no effort by just sitting before your computer.

Energy saving

  1. Avoid screen savers
  2. Use bookmarks or favorites to surf a website that you repeatedly look for. One click on a new web page uses a electricity that is used to boil a kettle.
  3. Choose laptops over desktops.
  4. Opt for power saving mode, standby, sleep or hibernate when your system goes idle.
  5. Turn off Shut down your computer completely at the end of the day.
  6. Opt for flat panel monitors; it takes 1/3 of energy compared to CRT monitors.
  7. Turn of Bluetooth, wireless when it is not in use.
  8. Enjoy tax savings and Opt for energy efficient appliances which provides tax savings.
  9. Decrease the number of emails you send , choose phone calls.
  10. Do not attach photos of large size , avoid sending emails with big attachments. If essential compress the larger files and photos.
  11. Do not use email as attachments rather forward or send up a top-up email.
  12. Send links instead of attachments. 2MB of your data requires 1LB of coal.
  13. Remove the email addresses that are not active or dead, as it only bounces backs with a “email failure notifications” costing energy. Organize your email distribution list once in a while.
  14. Do not use “Reply all” if it is really not required. Be specific to whom the email is intended to , when you are sending a response.
  15. Delete “Unwanted emails” from your storage, inbox, folders, spams etc. Do a clean up once in awhile.
  16. Set your “Out of office responses” whenever required to avoid unnecessary emails.
  17. Draft your emails carefully, precisely and effectively, so that you need not send recall, resend the same information again and again.
  18. Do not print, unless it is really required.
  19. EnergyChoose your words carefully when you do a “google search” next time . For instance (The word “Head ache” will put you swiftly in a medical website than the phrase “My head hurts”. Use the Word “Define” in front of any word to see its definition). A google search produces 0.25 ounce of carbon dioxide.
  20. Hang on to your old machines. It takes a lot of energy to build and deliver a new PC.
  21. Use double sided print-outs.
  22. Do not open too many web pages on your screen, save it temporarily in your book mark, if you are not using it.
  23. Do not use paper cups. Carry your own coffee mugs.
  24. Have a 365 day money saving challenge –Drop change in a jar at your desk each time you waste energy pointlessly and use it effectively to conserve energy. Let’s promise to grow a happier and healthier environment.
  25. Share a tip that you find useful to everyone around you and do share it with me as well  😉 . It helps.
  26. Plant at least one tree in a year.


A Squirrel plants thousands of new trees each year simply by forgetting where it put it’s acorns. These little creatures, trees and plants conserve a lot of energy.Read: About “Plankton” the living thing which cleans the World and about sailing tips. You can only destroy, exploit energy that which is created and can never create energy all by yourself. Mange it well to avoid damage and hell. Sky is not going to fall by these facts, but by saving energy you can fill light in someone’s life. Save energy. Save it for your posterity.


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