How to find lunch in the Ocean? – 5 simple steps

Sailing is an art.It is fascinating, isn’t it?. Anything to do with nature is beautiful.There is pleasure in the pathless Ocean. I found it interesting to learn few new things about nautical life , sailing and ships. Here are few . How to find lunch in the Ocean?

Step: 1

If you are feeling hungry, Head for where the Ocean currents lift nutrients from Ocean bed towards the ocean surface.The nutrients are found only near sunlit surface. They cannot live in deep waters.


Where there are nutrients , you ‘ll find tiny organisms called plankton drifting along the ocean.They cannot swim against the ocean current.


Scoop up a glass of water and hold it up to the light.Unless the water is dirty,you should be able to see small specks swimming around. What you see is not what it is, while there are billions of it inside which can only be seen through microscope. Now, back to lunch, just let the plankton go,they are not for eating!  Without them the planet will be a different place to live. To know why? Read till end.


Wherever you find plankton,small fishes such as sardines swarm around to feed off them. Fish them out. Enjoy the feast.


Fish:Sardines.  Photo Source:Unknown


Step:5. A word of warning – Large predators will also be attracted by the fish, so make sure you don’t end up as their lunch! 😀


PLANKTONS : Photo Source:

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Now Jokes apart !.

Time to ponder:  Take a deep breath and think about how 50% of the oxygen you just inhaled was made by microscopic creatures. Half of the oxygen in our atmosphere was made by microscopic organisms like The planktons. Incredible beings like these micro organisms are doing there part to save us and the environment.They clean half of the world. Do your part for a cleaner environment!

Wake Joy! Sail away someday!



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