25 reasons why sadness is necessary for happiness.

Not even once in life, I have received advice or read something like how to cry or how to be sad? You are never taught to be sad by anyone. The minute you are born!! You cry!. Nobody longs for sadness or travel, go in search or in pursuit of sadness or blog on how to do it. 😉 But, sadness is a not a plight as you think, to be forcibly avoided, for it is a dynamic emotion.


Here, I would like to bring you 25 yielding reasons that I have found as to why sadness is necessary for your happiness in life.

  1. Sadness improves your memory.
  2. Sadness gives you tears to taste. Speaking scientifically, tears clears your skin, removes toxins and helps you to elevate your mood.
  3. Sadness is like gaining consciousness towards the inevitable.
  4. You get to know the concept of minimalism,simplifying your life only through your sadness.
  5. Sadness is just an imposition and detention of not learning the most important lessons of life – the Love and the Truth.
  6. It tells you that you have not lived fully enough.
  7. Your sadness tell you that your name, identity and image is not just your story.
  8. It is the tunnel to get your way out to the next level in the video game called life..
  9. You get to know the meaning of the terms “never enough” ,”good enough” and “more than enough” only when you are sad.
  10. You can measure your happiness through sadness.
  11. Bummers are like road signs that tell you about road and traffic of life.
  12. It makes you down to earth.
  13. It puts you in touch with reality.
  14. It sparkles wisdom ,inspires and engages you to go on the warpath.
  15. It directs you on your road to recovery. After crying hard, there feels a solemn silence in heart.
  16. Sadness is the child of love and sacrifice. That is why you feel pity not beastly.
  17. You gain sight from blindness called ignorance through sadness.For instance , you feel crummy sometimes about growing old,watching your kids grow up and watching the pace of time.It is natural.It is just that your brain feels lazy to accept change.It’s the law of nature.No excuse.
  18. Sadness tells you that you have got out, hit rock bottom and it’s time for revival and bounce back.
  19. All the influential personalities in the history have had the ghastly sadness in their lives and have embarked themselves as leaders, martyrs .So, sadness correspond to a radical way of entering history ( 😉 kidding) .It symbolizes rebel, devout ,godly and enlightened nature.
  20. It teaches you simplicity.
  21. Blue are blues all the time, but it is transparent when you see-through the scope of hope.
  22. Not feeling sad is a disability-How? : People who are mentally challenged make us sad about them for they do not feel sad in themselves but if life is a book they are the edition of sadness.

Be happy to feel sad, feeling it actually means that you are ‘aware’ of the sadness. It is the first step of healing. In fact, studies suggest that both men and women should feel sad about something and cry atleast once in every two weeks to be more energetic and lively.

  1. It is sad when your mind says “I’m slowly giving up” and “I’m dying”, “I’m just empty” and “I’m tired of trying”. When you ran out of hope, these are the words your mind echo to you. Mostly, people who have been strong for long time feel a sense of hopelessness. Don’t worry! You are responding right. You have been subservient to the rules of your attitude and the rules of the world for a long long time.

Your hues and musings are just fine. You are hearing it because you are in the process of morphing. There is a strong connection to what you are feeling and to this quote “Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”. Do you know that a caterpillar digests itself and only certain groups of its cells and tissues survive, fuelling and turning the soup into eyes, wings, antennae ,other adult structures and finally into a beautiful butterfly. It’s a renewal and wonderment. Just be gentle with yourself.

  1. It is sad to be ignored, feeling you are not good enough. You hear “I don’t like you” from others when you are ignored by them. It is sad when the person who made you feel so special yesterday makes you feel unwanted today. You become invisible to them and feel that you only exist when you need something and you feel forgotten by them. You feel even worse when you pretend that you don’t care about it.

Being forsaken feels terrible.Parents ignore children, Children ignore parents, your siblings, spouse, friends ignores you or your workpassion is ignored or you feel the society or the whole world has turned against you and ignores you. Scientifically, being ignored causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as being physically hurt.

Know what? .Don’t disturb the noise of your mind in those situations and don’t disturb who makes you feel so. Let it be. You are completely avoiding a lesson, if you procrastinate the pain when fail to go through it. This is often a pain which is an outcome of either giving or getting attention or no attention for a long time.It happens when you choose to game over gaining or giving attention for a long time.

The ‘sadness’ here is just a hint for you to pay attention to yourself.

Put your hand on hot fire and it burns your finger.To repeat the process of getting burnt by doing it again will only hurt you.You have to learn from your mistake, learn how to handle hot fire without burning yourself. Mistakes are meant for learning not repeating.

Go through your sadness in your signature way, I mean for some people it is sharing about it to a dear one or a friend and for some it is caving ,diving deeply into oneself crying alone and for some it is cribbing it to others till it dilutes the pain. Do it in whatever fashion you want to do it and let it pass through you.Do not mask pain. Once you are relieved, shift focus from being attentive to being observant. For only when you observe you will be able to understand the law, rules and set standards in people’s own fashion and terms. Note: Understanding here does not necessarily mean that you have to follow their rule book.

And if your sadness is about passion and work,if you have dire passion in you, be attentive to where you wanna reach, because as soon as you enter this hazy World, first thing what it does is ‘ignore you’ and make you appear as ‘good for nothing’.

  1. It is sad to forget someone who gave us so much to remember. It is sad to miss someone especially our beloved ones.

Rabindranath Tagore,  a nobel laureate lost his two children, wife and his father one after the other within a span of five years. His life became incomprehensible and vulnerable. However, he turned his grief into poems, coped himself up from bereavement and loss by writing poems. He named his work as “Gitanjali: meaning “Song offerings” and had won Nobel prize for his work. Read: What does laughter do to your body?

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water- Rabindranath Tagore.

Smiling has always been easier than explaining why you are sad. It is ok to feel heavy and have heavy hearts.Heavy clouds are relieved by the letting of little water. But do not feel empty or hopeless. The opposite of joy is not sadness, it is hopelessness. Hopelessness often gives a small thing a big shadow. Carrying sadness on your sleeves or as a shadow is upto you. Live with it. For sadness is a being not a burden. Hail Sadness!


Your grief will turn into Joy!


See you in my next blog! Wake Joy!  😉



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