Look after your heart,for everything you do flows from it..

I checked out Google’s doodle today and it sparked interest in me to write today’s post. Hope you would enjoy. The doodle is all about the inventor of stethoscope. 😉 How creative he must be to have put his humongous thoughts and skill into inventing a device that assist you to listen to your heart .


More than 2300 years ago, Greek philosopher Aristotle stated that heart was the part of body that makes us feel emotions. Today, we know the brain is responsible for the way we feel but, although Aristotle’s ideas are long gone, people still express their love with hearts on Valentine’s Day and defines love as “a skip in the heart”. True, in a way, we never touch head rather touch our heart when we feel overwhelmed. You feel it first in the heart and express it with your eyes. That is why you wish people from the “bottom of your heart” and few stories, poems, songs, movies, incidents turns out to be “heart touching” ,”heart breaking” . There is always more to “what a heart can do” than meets the eye.

Heart speaks first:

A woman’s heart beats faster than a man. That’s why woman are so quick to react and are quick to tears and are seemed as heart rulers.

A mother’s heartbeat is the first voice for a baby.

Speaking scientifically, an unborn baby’s heart beat develops in the 22nd day of gestation. The brain development and growth of a baby happens hearing a mother’s heart beat. Also, a mother’s heartbeat synchronises with an unborn baby’s heart beat.

So, it’s the language of the heart you and I have heard first even before being born. Your brain was sheer dumb flesh when your heart and your mother’s heart spoke to you.

Heart sees invisible:

It sees the invisible which your eyes can’t see.

Simply put, out of all the people you met today, someone makes an effect on you positively or negatively. Your brain signals your eyes to classify them by how they look and judges or discriminates them, but your heart classifies them by the impact and the impression. Note: what stays in the heart is different from what stays in the brain.

Here, I’m talking about the feeling that deepens in your heart. Sometimes, you have to get out of your head and get into your heart. A vegetable seller said that I looked like her eldest daughter whom she’d lost unfortunately during a mishap of Tsunami few years ago. I would not have told you about it now if it not had affected my heart. Right?. Now that’s the impact what your heart creates. Many a times, we discriminate through our brain but deep down your heart makes an impartial decision. When I read your blog or when you are reading my blog, we make an impression on each other. Are n’t we? .

Heart sings with a beat:


Your heart beats 100000 times a day. Every heart sings a song. Every heart has a song.

Be it happy or upset it keeps singing for you what you feel about 100000 times a day and billions of times in your life. Even in your silence, when you pray or praise God, it sings for you. Non-stop without break! God has arranged a DJ to play music round the clock for you in the form of your heart. Your heart can sing what your mind can listen. We must listen to one over the other. What seems pointless for your brain feels right in the heart. Also, turns out to be a correct choice, often. The key is to listen.

Heart dances to your tune:


Your heart contracts and pumps blood all around your body. It pumps 1.5 gallons of blood in a minute. It dances and springs itself out to flow energy every minute. The energy for you to survive,for your wellness and growth.

You are not good enough for your heart when you are putting it in pressure and stressing too much on things or with unhealthy behaviours or food. You might as well know the fact that Time possesses EVERYTHING in you and about you. It possesses your past, present and future. Time says “Leave it to me”. So, why put stress on your heart?

Be an introvert or extrovert or an ambivert, your heart shakes a leg, springs out, leaps, jumps, rocks, rolls, swings ‘when you are in love’ and ‘when you are happy’. Read: What makes love last?

Your heart can’t help who it loves.

It cannot deceive. It just dances to your tune. Laughter and happiness are the two fascinating tunes of heart and are the two great enemies of some serious heart diseases. When you laugh, smile and in moments of fun, your heart dances for you and you feel it. Agree? 😉

Your heart claps for you from day-one:


Your heart is about the size of your two hands clasped together.

You know it is like your heart claps hands for you. Every second. Every minute. It claps for you when you succeed;  it cheers you up to try again, when you fail. It wakes you up when you dream off your past. It motivates you when you are down. It alerts you when you deviate.

You know You clap your hands when you appreciate, respect, when you approve something, when you praise, when you compliment, when you wanna call someone or to get attention, when you agree, when you find something funny ,humorous ,sarcastic 😉 . Clapping is contagious and so are your emotions from your heart. If you are happy and you know it clap your hands. 😉

In short, you are never good enough for your heart for the things that it does for you. Don’t load your heart with unwanted stuff, instead learn to listen to it! Follow it and watch it going on and on! Do what it does! Keep going!.  It is the shelter of wisdom and core of existence. Let the wisdom of heart guide you. Above all,look after it!. Stay Happy! Wake Joy!.

When wisdom enters your heart, knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.


Turn your ears to wisdom and apply your heart to understanding.


There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart – Charles Dickens.




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I’m Cathy. Blogger. Happy,positive and highly self motivated. Love paintings and arts of my mom. Trust deeply in God. Believes in love. Likes the quote “Amor Vincit Omnia” meaning “Love conquers all”. "Love is here to stay"

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