Unlearning a dark habit!!

Death or anything to do with it, would be the last thing that most of us would ever desire. For me, seeing a corpse especially of a dear one is more than a death penalty or life time imprisonment. I have just collapsed having few such instances in life.


Smoking, a deathly habit can have flaunted appeals, give you oral pleasure, can be fun and relaxing but it is nothing less than a disgusting fashion to show your democracy.

Even after so many preaching, threats and warnings about cancer we never sense it to be a peril , many of you even would realize that body, hair, mouth smells bad because of cigarettes. How silly can it get?. In fact, smoking causes more damage to body than deadliest diseases in the world. Heart disease, lung cancer, blood cancer, infertility, high cholesterol, diabetes complications etc. Why is it hard to give up thinking about smoke?

Studies say that changing a habit in a child is lot easier than in an adult. It is because of its powerful influence in our brain. Studies and Neuroscience says that an abusive, tragic or morally flawed upbringing be major reasons causing this compulsive behaviour and addiction otherwise it’s just a habit, a epicurean behaviour .

What darkness is to life, smoking is to you. Unlearning an addiction can be taxing. But, what matters most is your willingness to have faith and change it. Last year, I got bent out of shape using the credit cards excessively. I couldn’t stay away from it as well. And, to mitigate all I did was, I blocked my card compelling myself not to use it atleast for 100 days and started paying off my debt and later on extended my challenge till  326 days. I learnt it the hard way and that’s a different story. But, my addiction to spending has considerably dropped. Being an adult does not mean that we have to lose the child in us , is n’t it?

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Next time, You wanna prompt yourself to kick this habit of smoking, try these three recommendations.

  • Try playing a puzzle , a rubik’s cube to divert or to take a time out or to motivate yourself and generate energy.
  • Take a 20-day challenge, Dream big but start small. If you are an artist, till you complete your arts for your upcoming exhibition or if you are writer, till you complete the first edition of your novel.
  • Whenever you feel like a fish out of water, try to think the good habit you have been sticking onto. Appreciate yourself for the good habits you have. Think of the rewards, pleasure it had given you in life. Focus and Stick onto those good habits. But do not mask your pain as it causes more damage to you. Read on Willpower and Self Control

Learning is an evolution and development from where you are to where you ought to be, while Unlearning is a revolution and transformation, it is like reinventing yourself. As always it is all up to us .The Journey is your own! Stay resourceful and stay Happy! Wake Joy!


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I’m Cathy. Blogger. Happy,positive and highly self motivated. Love paintings and arts of my mom. Trust deeply in God. Believes in love. Likes the quote “Amor Vincit Omnia” meaning “Love conquers all”. "Love is here to stay"

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