Decision is yours!

Out of 5207040 minutes in this leap year, so far,how many times have you been in two minds about taking decisions?.

Here are quick hacks about decision making in my blog today. Check out , if it works for you and thanks for sparing your precious minutes to read this post.

As far as I’m concerned, while taking decisions, for example, buy a dress or a thing for myself, I’m a rather relaxed individual who is satisfied when best three out of my five conditions are satisfied. Nevertheless, my sister too is relaxed (in a different way) :), the point is she loves to exploit at the best.

As I observed,

  • She walks slowly, takes time and energy to try, compare and look at all options in every shopping that she does,
  • Sometimes, She plans on buying something but returns buying something else,
  • She backs out not buying anything sometimes,
  • She’d also returned the bought stuff lot of times and quite a few times dithers between two choices.

I have got immune to her shopping style and it has turn out to be quite usual stuff for everybody in the family now, must accept the fact that Sweetie she is , takes the same care to select for us too.


Coming to the point, we are always put on this state of regular decision-making from simple to complex decisions like choosing things, food, trips, job and life. Care should be taken as appropriate to the situation as decisions are always a need of the hour. So, here’s the take away,

A decision takes your time and your energy : My recommendation for all the over thinkers; a decision can take the amount of time and energy you needed but not at the cost of your happiness. Simply put, it is ok to feel curious in the process of taking decisions carefully weighing your pros and cons and delay a decision, but it is not ok, if it makes you unhappy or indecisive. Also, it is silly to invest more time, energy on decisions that don’t deserve a lot of time.

Comparing the options:  Evaluating the options can payback well, if wisely done. Comparing the options will help you analyse the risk, opportunity and benefits. But, rare cases, too much information and illogical comparisons are nothing less than searching a needle in haystack.

Playing it by ear:  Just like a game, few decisions need to be taken as and when the situations throw you a challenge. This needs a lot of composure, skill, organised thinking in you and importantly to be fearless to take the bull by the horns. If you had watched a football or any game, you would clearly get what I’m talking about.

Choosing to live outside the dump: Sometimes, to go with the flow is also a decision. Enjoy the miracle life has to present you. I have given this name just to point out that at most (if not more) of the times, things don’t go as per our plan. Miracles do happen.

Deciding not to decide:  Sleep on it, relax and make a decision correctly when you feel you are impulsive or too quick to decide. Also, in few situations, deciding not to decide turns out to be the best ever decision you made, such as bad mood, anger or upset.

Being in two minds in a decision: This is where gut instinct comes into picture. In a more cliché format, “take a coin and toss over”. Before looking at the coin, do you feel deep inside that something tells you which face of the coin you should see. That is the key. Why you felt so is because you want it somewhere deep down in your heart. Connect the gut instinct with your logical brain to redecide.

Finally, never look back at your bad decisions except for the lessons it had taught you. Life is a battle, choose your battles wisely. Life is not that complicated when decisions are taken in the first five minutes. Wake Joy!

When your values are clear to you , making decisions become easier.


What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways.

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