Willpower is character in action.

Learning is a process. The products and by-products of learning which is done today reflect on our behaviours, thoughts and actions tomorrow.

Today invites me to learn the art of Willpower. I’m learning the ease of having WILLPOWER, as I enjoy the transition. Here is my take on it.

In the concept of science, Willpower is to create a discipline and to have self-control over impulsive brain behaviours and it is defined as the ability to resist temptations, unwanted thoughts. Here are the three words in which science describes WILL POWER:

  • Dedication: It requires your determined effort, time towards your passion and stable sense of purpose.
  • Survive obstacles:  It is not to give up in times of troubles and accepting the fact that change is uncomfortable.
  • Withstand Temptation: It is how you react to your inner conflict. It is about having controlled attention, ignore your distractions and postponing your intense desires for fruitful gains and taking full responsibility.

While theologically, Willpower is greatly explained as a concept of power over mind, body and soul. It is growing spiritually strong in mind and in consciousness.

Here’s a funny video that I’d like to share on Self-control for you to enjoy!!  A Marshmallow test that explains Self control ,delayed gratification and reward in the long run. 😀


About temptations, I completely agree with the rants that, Temptation and obstacles are inevitable and they always lean on your door bell. It is only during the tempting times, losing becomes more fun than winning. However, temptation does not lead you to your ruins, it is YOU who lead yourself to temptation.

Temptation is never a sign of weakness, it takes great deal of strength to take temptation as your true strength and a real friend that has come to teach you decision making and select optimal choices for your behaviour and life. Often you tend to slip to the deafening voice of your interest,but you must ensure you listen to your conscience that would silently whisper that you do not ‘fall for it’.


I believe that , WILLPOWER is doing the thing you will never regret in life to achieve your vision, be it a decision, the choice and the pain. Will power is like a muscle, it needs to be challenged to build itself, the more you use it, the stronger it gets. You can flex your WILLPOWER muscle to get what you want.


is behaving your way that brings honour.

is willing to be different from the custom.

is getting immune to hurts, struggles.

is not getting defeated by your impulsive animal instincts.

is an etiquette for happiness.

It is having persistence as your style and action.

It is remembering what you want.

It is being awake and alert till you reach your mark.

It is a happy choice. It is choosing the pain of discipline over the pain of regret.

It is compensating your inner wisdom for inner conflict.

It is the power that gives you gravity.

It is just a way of adding stamina to your knowledge.

It is keeping in touch with goal.

It is a protocol of winning.

It is like power up in your video game.

Hang in there. Stay Happy! Wake Joy!!.

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