Reset your mind to zero everyday-Be Clutter free

De-clutter your MIND – your sweet home of thoughts when you are drained of something or have run out of hope.

Try it the simple way, rest assured!

To start the process, just like how your Facebook probes you as soon as you login, I’d like you to ask yourself, “what’s on your mind now?”

Let’s get little Socratic in this blog to do the de-clutter for you. Try this triple filter technique version 2.0 :).

Anything you think can be filtered below the grammar of future, present, past. That is by ‘Time’. Do a filter of whatever your mind complains about by ‘time’. (Past, present, future)

Remember that, time is the only valuable possession in this world and it is all your own as long as you live in this planet. Man cannot control time, so he has measured time by a framework describing it as past, present and future. Time has the deepest meaning in our life and has no holiday just like how our heart beats without rest. Yet, both time and heart are autonomic. We never give instructions for our heart. It just does the job involuntarily and likewise, Time never waits for us, it just flies. It never stays.

In the same way, as time gets past it makes you forget things. We will definitely agree that we all have this habit of forgetfulness that which we can never recall, for instance, that school friend’s name, that song which was once our favorite, those lessons,building names, equations we memorized , the morning and evening school prayers and etc. Everything gets faded over time. Its the part of nature and it makes you get past over it. It really does.


Past is Past. Now , let’s try the second filter to control the present and future.

The second filter is to put your mind under the category of ‘positive or negative state’?

There can never be two swords in one sheath, decide which thought you would let into your mind. More if not mostly, we would think about what worse could happen or what went wrong?.  If thinking about it’d brought you a solution, well and good, however, most probably it does not. The mind not only replays a negative thought but also does more damage by doing that. It never reaches the prudent solution.

In such cases, think what could go right or what was good about it and what best happened in the situation. This helps you approach the situation more confidently. Disown the clutter and damaging thoughts in the process.

The last and final filter is to stick to reality and to the next immediate moment. Do wise thinking. Come to terms with reality and truth.This obviously helps you decide your present and there by creating your future.

Keep in mind, ” there’s a season to everything. A season to plant, and a season to harvest;  a time to break down , a time to build up;  a time to laugh, a time to mourn;  a time to embrace, a time to refrain;  a time to dance, a time to get, a time to lose;  a time to keep, and a time to cast away;  a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;  a time to love and a time to hate;  a time of war, and a time of peace. A time for everything” . 

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Use your time wisely and choose the right time for each purpose to make a smart move from unproductive thoughts to productive ones. Thinking about the immediate next step will give you much more clarity and understanding. Think about what is certain and only about the requirement for the moment. By now, your thinking gets processed and attains clarity. Now, plan for the next steps and finally do a reset to zero. Carry on afresh! Stay Happy! Wake Joy!

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