Ocean is lifeblood of our planet.

Over one hundred years ago, this monster was born. This powerful monster has been very defying and impossible to kill. The demon is composed of petro–chemicals and synthetic compounds that can mold and take any solid shapes. It’s devious brain slowly occupied the survival of earthlings to be aggressively addicted to it, due to it’s fostering tendencies and dependencies. The monster has already initiated the destruction, in a way of spreading self-annihilation among earthlings through it’s dominance and consumption. The monster is called PLASTICS.  Is it for this purpose the monster was found for?


Hello! Fellow Earthlings!. About 80% of pollution enters ocean from Land. Predominantly, plastics play a vital role in devastating the marine life. The ocean is slowly getting covered with plastic destroying the aquatic life. Million tons of plastic is produced in a year. Millions of sea birds, fishes, ocean turtles are killed due to plastic ingestion.The Ocean whales, sharks, turtles and oysters are already in the line of destruction.

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Plastics entered ocean from us. If this pandemic increases, soon we will find “Plastic Pollution”  as “the cause of death” in our death certificates as well. It’s our job to fight for human resistance against the monster before it covers the whole planet with it.

Avoid plastics!.

  • Each reusable bag can get rid of thousands of plastic bags.
  • Every Refuse is truck’s load of plastic bags eliminated.

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