How to be forever in love?

To love and feel belonged is in the very nature of man. All we get to hear people say is either Love is great or Love is burden. Loving and to be loved is a great feeling. All we need is love that lasts for a lifetime and to find one is as rare as diamonds. But Trust me, Love is not just a need or a feeling. A need or feeling never lasts for life time. Love makes itself useful to gratify the need and feelings. Love is never a burden. In fact, it is only love that sets you free.


Love can make up for a lot, your differences, insecurities, imperfections, disabilities. Despite your setbacks and disappointments, Love takes great courage and patience to pull you back in track and hit it bigger than ever. You feel nothing missing in life, if there is love. But when you have everything but love, it is never enough. While world around you gives you pride, status and image, the inner child in you secretly feels a sense of aloneness when you don’t have love in your life. Love gives you refreshment and true happiness. It makes you feel real and alive.

Love takes many forms and comes in many forms, some that we are not even aware of. Even Grief is love and worrying at times is an act of love. It is a wrong concept to generalize that love mostly brings grief. It is not true. Love brings out “the hidden YOU” that you din’t know were there already, the things which you were holding back, things you would not have thought to call brave and beautiful in yourself. It transforms you at your best.Read on In a relationship

You have more love to give than you could ever know. But never give up love. Be the thing to someone that can ‘show and only be so much Love’. Squandering love is one thing, while expecting love in return is the other. But, I tell you both are silly and cheap things to do. Love is priceless to offer and receive. Love yourself first and share your love. When you share it, you are filled with hope, your fear runs fearfully from you. In the form of journey, Love creates a path for two people to see together all that they are and all that they have been and all that they will be.Read on; Understanding is a two way road . It creates the sense of belongingness and a bond.

Two quotes that I’d like to share with you that made sense for me,

“It is not lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages”

“I do not trust people who don’t love themselves and yet tell me “I love you”. There is an African saying which is: Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt”

And Here is the best I ever read saved for the last about LOVE :

Love is patient
Love is kind
It doesn’t envy
It doesn’t boast
It isn’t rude
It isn’t self-seeking
It is not easily angered
It keep no record of wrongs
Love doesn’t delight in evil but rejoices with truth.
It always protects,
Always trusts,
Always hopes,
Always perseveres
Love never fails.
1-Corinthians-13 4:8. – Bible

Love is the weakness of God and it’s his plan that we be ordained in love. Love is beautiful in every way and is the beautiful thing to happen in life. It is the totality, the wholeness, the oneness. Love is a never ending journey that starts from “forever “. Swoon in love! Let love in you! Worship love! Don’t spare love for futile things. Love is what we live for. Share love as long as you live!!


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