Keep Moving forward -A Short story of Faith for kids!

Once upon a time, long long ago, so long ago, a herd of camels walked a long distance to find water in a desert. They searched for water all the way from one end to the other, yet was not able to find a single drop of water anywhere in the desert. After sometime, the camels felt tired and exhausted looked at each other sadly decided to cross over one sand hill as a last chance in the desert to see if there was some water. Tiringly, they walked up the hill, at last to their surprise; they found a beautiful Oasis surrounded with fresh green plants, full of fresh twigs, willow trees etc.


All the camels had a fantastic feast to their joy, a great time and rested under the tree shades. They decided to stay there forever, bearing in mind about their arduous journey. But one camel packed it’s things and decided to start onward. The rest of the camels thought her to have gone foolish and said that it would be a futile effort to do so. They resisted her to take that step. They frightened her saying it would be a silly choice to leave the oasis and that she would be lost in nowhere. But the camel was firm and did what she felt like doing.


She left the Oasis walked miles and miles in the desert day and night faced discouragement and lot of obstacles. But, her trust never faded. After a prolonged journey, on a fine evening, the camel watched a dazzling little star, a bright star with a tail in the sky, a star that was moving. She felt pleased and started following the star. Because it was the only thing she could do in that lonely desert .she moved on and on. Nothing could stop the camel; the obstacles, the humidity or the rain. She just followed miles and miles behind the star elatedly.


At the end, on a cold winter night, there came a place where the star stood still, the camel looked around anxiously and found a little lantern in a distance. She walked near it guided by the light and the light grew brighter and brighter. At last, she reached the destination and left awestruck on seeing a scene. Her eyelids opened wider and she stood jaw dropped. She whispered, Am I seeing what I’m seeing. Oh my GOD! She shouted. ” YES! It was ‘THE CATTLE’ in the Bethlehem!, that she saw. It was the glorious Mary and serene Joseph who stood near the BABY JESUS, the son of GOD himself was wrapped in clothes and placed in manger! The Angels welcomed her “. She stood by the manger and saw the glowing face of JESUS timelessly! She felt over the moon. She shouted in bliss “Its GOD! It’s the lord GOD! I’m home! I’m home happily!” Her Joy knew no bounds. She felt paradise.

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Life is a journey to be pursued and not an end goal and so is SUCCESS. The camel did let go of what it had in the Oasis and received what it needed from the Almighty! Faith will take you all the way. Keep Moving forward! Follow your purpose!

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