How to celebrate your Birthdays in a unique way?

Looking for unique ways to celebrate your birthday? Here are a few tips. Nearly sixteen million people celebrate their birthday every day. Friends, parties, compliments, bouquets, cakes, candles, wishes, surprises, splendid gifts from family, spouse, Boyfriend\girlfriend and what not. But what would you have done to yourself to feel special on your birthday?. Birthdays are one of the great days that stand as a legacy for every individual. No matter how old you are, if a little kid shoots you with a toy gun, you pretend to die, Isn’t it? Adults are no different from children, when it comes to the desires they have. “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate”. Wake up, carve out and live your day in a unique way!.


  1. Try a new hair cut, a new look or design a dress, accessories for yourself .Most (if not more) of the people are really good when it comes to suits and styles and for less cost.
  2. Get a Tattoo or Do a Photo shoot: Tattoos are notoriously done for identity, style or signify major aspect of person or their life, their interests or to honour their beloved. A word of warning: I have heard that tattoos have side effects and Tattoos are banned in some countries in work places.
  3. Fix your mom\dad’s radio, vehicle, and wrist watch. Parents are the one of the God –ordained relationships and they are unconditionally loving, come what may. Treasure them as they are very precious and tend them with your attention. However, realize that you are your own person. There will be a time you have to be their parents. So, stop expecting them to baby you forever. Get down off their shoulders and stand on your feet.
  4. Your loved ones and friends are those who bring out best in you and never give up on you. Surprise them with your recipe or with your craft. Do the best you can do for them.
  5. Read biographies about a famous celebrity who shares your birthday. Explore the buoyancy and fascinating facts about them or check what weird international day is your birthday and go crazy.(Mosquito day, Put a pillow on your fridge day, Fools day,make sky lanterns for your birthday by yourself).
  6. Ride a elephant, a horse or if possible a camel in desert. Find more rational ways to fulfill your childhood desires.
  7. Make your goal list, 3 goal a day, 3 goals a week, 3 goals a month, 3 goals a year. Own your own future, Take life into you own hands. Read: A Newyear resolution is a card game of conviction
  8. Explore a new place in your own city that is more than a century old (Museum, monuments, palaces).I hail from a small city called “Madurai” that is deeply ancient dating back to 14th century BC and its culture, tradition ,architectures are dated several centuries before Christ, as old as the city itself.
  9. Choose a day out to watch a waterfall, Sail in a lake, Ocean with your loved ones.
  10. Start a standalone interest class or engage yourselves in new Sports. Archery, Darts.
  11. Take a kindness challenge .Make a friendly call to your foe to put out the fire. (Silver lining).Never cut what can be untied. The probability of meeting someone you know increases when you don’t want to see them or when you are with someone you don’t to be seen with. Try to get ahead of them instead of getting even 😉
  12. Explore Nature: Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee that you are not alone as you too often think you are. Try what it feels like to walk on sand, waves by the sea. Feel like a kid, do Scavenger hunt in beach, play with sand.
  13. Commit to goodness for society, volunteer works.
  14. If you have bucket list of your own, how soon is now to try one of them?
  15. Sketch out your retirement plan (visiting happiest and richest cities in the world or hot air balloon flight etc). Fund your plan strictly with no withdrawals to enjoy your retirement.


Finally, Do what you love to do, don’t let others tell you how to live. Let your freak flag fly high!


Do it yourself: Sky lantern video

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