How to maintain discipline in your life?




Discipline is the best thirst-quenching drink which brings you clarity to deal with long term desires and demands. Discipline is not about getting caught up in routines and ruts in our lives, where we do the same things over and over every day without giving thought to the reason behind our decision and the choices we make. Henry Nouwen says, ”Discipline means to create a space in which something happen that you’d not planned or counted on”. It is a happy choice and self-sustaining attitude towards your life.

The real simple ways to live a disciplined life materialize from what you Pick-up and what you Drop.

PICK-UP the 3  things revealed below, I’m sure you will get rid of ninety seven unfavourable things impromptu.

In the same way, DROP the 2 things disclosed below and life will be effective in ninety eight heaven-sent ways.

Pick up the habit of Happiness.

  • Waking up early and catching up time for good sleep is vital to be energized all day. Gain sleep during night as much as you can. Sleep heals the heart breaks, worries, anxieties, fears to a large extent and helps to recover from a bad day. Be at peace with yourself and have fun in doing small things and taking small steps for change.
  • The other way to keep away from negativity is multi-tasking. Do it because it is the art of distracting yourself from the things you really want to do by doing at once. But, use caution; since multi task is only to keep you distracted from the thought and not for being less focused or inattentive.

Drop clutter. Time is priceless. Putting too many things at priority will cost more time and at the same time will show no effectiveness in the time utilized.

Remove the uncalled-for things which simply means ‘Learn to say NO’ and stick to your priorities. It may hurt to say NO. But don’t wait for it to feel right. Ask for help from your family, friends and at work when needed.

Your needs in terms of urgency and importance must be your priority. As per Maslow’s theory, hierarchy of needs are grouped as physiological, safety, belonging & love, esteem, self actualization. Prioritize and focus on what your current need is!

The next evident clutter that has to be rubbished is preoccupation. Nowadays, people are mostly preoccupied with their work, personal, past and future life. It consumes lots of your energy in a day and changes your outlook towards life eventually. Sitting on it will move nothing. Simplify your life to live the present. Free yourself from emotional clutter.Read on Reset your mind to zero everyday! Be clutter-free . Your best teacher is your last mistake. Work hard today to achieve your dream tomorrow. Live each day without regret. Life always gives second chance called tomorrow.

Pick up the Joy of Contentment : When it is sunny, let it be. When it is raining, let it rain. You can’t have rainbow without little rain. Feel the glow of happiness.

Be happy with yourself and don’t ask for approvals. Personality begins where comparison ends. Your expectations cannot be fulfilled with “one size fits for all” standards. Do not compare yourself with others and act per se. The effect of reality is not always same and direct. Don’t waste your day wanting more, more and more. We would have walk past small joys looking for victory always. There is no greater happiness equal to contentment. Give yourself a break.

Contentment is not about killing our ability, it is about appreciating what we have achieved. It is to have more to live-for and not having more to live-on. Contentment simplifies your life , creates acceptance, gives you self-liberation and temperance. Be quick to smile or laugh.

Drop your fears. Shake-off your self–defeating drama. The difficulties or guilt is not as dire as you think. The madness of victim mentality is the sense of helplessness. But, it is not true. The positive and happy go lucky person is always aware of over a thousand solutions out of which only one has to be chosen. Growth is the tonic of victimhood. Forgive yourself and others! It is said that “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Harbouring negativity against others will attract drama. Minimize drama in you and of others to build a rock solid reputation. When encountered with negativity or anxiety, don’t wonder good or bad, simply deal with what is actually in front of you!

Pick up a Good Habit. Build your esteem by cultivating tiny habits and small wins.  Conquering a change can be both physically and mentally taxing. Finally it is habit which has ultimate power to change ourselves. Start designing simple mini habits to practice two or five minutes long. It is the starting that is always trouble.Read on Self Control and Willpower .

Mini habits help you to move from motivation to motion. The same thumb rule applies for breaking a habit as well. Celebrate your win over those small battles of developing a habit by incentive or by pampering yourself.

Realize habits are related not only to mind but brain cells as well. The requirement of those brain cells has to be greyed out by practice and of course by desire for change. Remember, once you get the habit deeply connected, it will pay-off emotionally.

Self discipline is a habit just like bathing ,brushing without motivation, irrespective of your likings. At first your every choice is conscious and takes a lot of effort. But once surmounted, you will grow stronger and will no longer need instant gratification. Everything is hard before it is easy. Often, you wanted to know, how others except you were able to succeed and be happy. It is the habit of doing things that we don’t like to do make the successful people instinctively different from others. Often, motivation and energy is sent to a holiday spot called “Someday island” despite its bad reputation. I’m sure, you would have heard it every time when you say “Someday I will”. Be accountable for your change and growth. Be quick to get into baby steps and soon you will realize the happy journey of success.

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