How I did it by myself – Few Hacks about Blog Monetization


Hola Everyone,

I thought I would just share few interesting things about building a website and monetization. I’m learning lot through blogging from A..B..C..D of website creation,hosting to computer languages like CSS, on :D.

Motto and niche of “Wake Joy” is not about it, though. I thought I just would share “Easy Hacks” of what I’m doing about my blog. Building a website and administration is no cakewalk, but it can be very interesting, if you have passion. Actually, I’m loving it, especially the immense learning that I get on a daily basis. I will share more as and when I get to know.

Firstly, Here you go!

What webhosting service do I use?

Here’s,how your blog can be monetized?:

Through VIGLINK:

To be updated!


Note: This is not my first post, this was an automated post published by WordPress and I didn’t want to delete it ,just for nostalgic reasons. 😀

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